Simple CSV Files

If you have the ability to export the results of your strategies to a simple csv file this tool will be fully compatible with your reports..

Here are the data you need to export in this order:

  1. EntryDate-Time - MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm:ss
  2. EntryPrice - Strategy entry price
  3. ExitDate-Time - MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm:ss
  4. ExitPrice - Strategy exit price
  5. SymbolName - Traded symbol name
  6. MarketPosition - 1 for Long position, -1 for Short position
  7. Max Contracts - Number of contracts/shares traded
  8. Profit/Loss - Profit or loss of trade
  9. MaxPositionProfit - Maximum profit achieved in position
  10. MaxPositionLoss - Maximum loss achieved in position

The file should contain these data in a single column, each data element must be separated by the comma

The result you should get is as follows:

Well you are done, export as many strategies as you want and upload them to the tool!